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What We Believe

Highland is United Methodist 

Our teaching and church structure is guided by these theological convictions:

Christ-centered – Faith in the mystery of salvation in and through Jesus Christ, crucified and risen.

Trinitarian – One God in three persons who creates, redeems, and sustains.

Sacramental – Baptism and Holy Communion shape our personal and communal identity.

Scripture-Based – The Bible remains our primary authority in faith matters and contains everything necessary for salvation.

Grace – Though sin’s destructive reach is wide, the resurrection of Christ proves to us that God’s love is free for all and free in all.

Justification & Assurance – A decisive change of heart happens when we realign our lives with Christ, bringing a sense of peace with God.

Sanctification – God’s not done with us; God continues to work in our lives to fill every habit of our hearts with love for God and for others.